Ark of the Covenant

Topic 3:

The identity of the Beast with Two horns like a lamb:

The second beast in Revelation chapter 13 is a kingdom or nation that is described as coming up out of the earth. This is in contrast to the first beast, which is described as coming up out of the "sand of the sea" or "sea of sand" or desert or wilderness region. This second beast will enable and empower the first beast (the kingdom made up of 10 middle eastern nations). This second beast is described as having power to make fire come down from heaven in the presence of men. Although this capability was alien in the time of John, there are many nations that have the capability to do the things that the second beast in Revelation chapter 13 does. Russia, United States, Israel, and most advanced nations have this capability. The second beast had "two horns like a lamb" and he spake as a dragon. This could mean that the beast (nation or its leader) was gentle and peaceful like a lamb, but when he spake, he spake with the authority and power of a dragon -- as one of the most ferocious of all beasts. The two horns could mean two rulers (eg. a president and a prime minister) or two branches of government with whom the power resides. This second beast comes up out of the earth, so it is definitely not a middle eastern kingdom (which would have been described as coming up out of the "sea of sand" or "sand of the sea" or wilderness). Stay tuned for further analysis on who this second beast described in Revelation chapter 13 might be.